Engaging Employee Interaction

Create and use meaningful employee interactions and data as the basis for tailored HR actions and a great Employee Journey

Realtime Listening

Know what is going on in the organization through small surveys, which are carried out continuously and in a targeted manner. Ask more questions if necessary and predict problems, which can save a lot of money. Beepp offers a unique integrated tool for continuous listening, predictive people analytics, employee experience and engagement surveys.


Easily build a visually appealing e-learning in manageable components. Distribute training over a period of time for maximum knowledge retention and motivate through compliments and game elements such as points, badges and certificates.

Accelerated Onboarding

The Beepp pre- and onboarding tool prevents turnover and creates fans. We offer an individually tailored experience that quickly makes employees feel at home and get them working successfully.

Inclusive Participation

Involve employees in decisions in a smart way, give them a voice easily and grow together to new heights. A powerful tool for an open feedback culture, with which you can easily sail through any change.

continuous Feedback

Create a positive feedback culture, which enables employees and organisations to develop. Encourage giving compliments and sharing good suggestions.

Meaningful Communication

Get a grip on internal communication and information sharing, so what is important is better accessible and gets noticed.